Monday, September 14, 2009

Welcome Back

Well I been gone for a minute because I was going through to much and I just needed a break from everything. Im back home living with my mom. I really hate it here but I had to come back because to much stuff was going on at my baby daddy's house. We are back together for the zillon time smh. Maybe we are meant to be together, but if we are he needs to change. Khalilah is now 4 months and is getting big lol. She weigh like 14 pounds smh, that girl always eating. I finally got a job [Thank God]. Ill be making decent money so Im happy about that.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tears On My Pillow By Mya

Im just so fucking hurt right now it doesn't make no sense. Why would the person you care most about in this world, just walk right out of your life like that. I thought he was the only person I had. I just thought this time was going to be right but i was wrong. Two years just gone down the drain just like that. I feel like a piece of me just die. I don't even think I have a heart anymore, he broke it to many times. I guess for now on it's just me and my daughter. No Marriage, No Boyfriend NOTHING! Im done with this thing call love. Love is more than 4 letter word, its so strong. Love is just not my friend no more. I guess Ill finish crying my eyes out, I just cant believe this happen to me

Monday, August 17, 2009

My World

Even when Im down and out or just feel like everything is wrong, I just see her smile to let me know that everything will be ok...

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Weekend Fun

Well I'm not going to be on the computer none of this weekend. My boo and I are going to Busch Gardens tomorrow and staying there for the weekend. This the first weekend we spend alone together since I had my baby so you know whats going down [hehe]. Imma try to take pictures and post them up here. It's going to be my first time on a roller coaster [scared as hell].

Updating soon

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Random Thought.

If they say bleach can cure cancer, why can't we drink it?

Get Well Drizzy Drake

I hope you get better.
Im glad you care for your fans that much to risk your life.
You still look sexy on the floor :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Sometimes I seat in my room and really just think about my life. I been through alot and I cant get past it. I been hurt by my family,friends & my boyfriend. My mom and my boyfriend probably hurted me the most in my life. My mom never tells me she loves me and sometimes I say to myself, "what did I do to you." I know my real dad left us when I was a baby but she still doesn't have to treat me like Im nothing. I use to be jealous how she treated my half brother because it seem like he gets everything he wanted in life. I sometimes use to cry and listening to my music at night to not think about. Now my boyfriend, I been though alot with him, things some people wouldnt go through with there boyfriend. He lied,cheated,left me for another girl and then came back,talk to me any kind of way and everything you can possible think of. The day he change is when i went off on him. Since then we been happy and I just hope I stay this way for a long time. I have my own family now and the things i learned in life and saw, i will never do that to them. Im just scared i would let them down


I been on here since april and I never did a introduction haha

Shalona.19.Reside in Va but wants to move to florida.I have a daughter and a boyfriend.My mom doesn't like my boyfriend [i dont know why so oh well]. Oh yeah im with my baby daddy [some people thought we wasnt going to last]. I love r&b and dancing. I dont have alot of friends because I have trust issues that I need to work on but I do have a couple that are real. I love drizzy drake and his music. I was a fan when he was on degrassi. I wanted to go to college when I graduated [08] but I got pregnant during the summer so imma try again. Im jobless, nobody is hiring so blah. I do have a bitchy attitude but I try to be nice so people won't see that side.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

R.I.P Michael Jackson

Its hard hearing on the tv that the king of pop is dead. I never would of thought michael jackson would die. I know you thinking Im crazy but i mean its MICHAEL JACKSON he's superman. I remember i use to always look on Vh1 for my favorite movie The american dream [the jacksons five] and i would just sit there and learn somethings about his life. I remember when I first saw thriller video. I was so amazed about his talent even though i was only 8 years old. You will be miss and loved by all.. I LOVE YOU MICHAEL JACKSON! Imma make sure yo legacy lives on.. RIP

Friday, May 22, 2009

My MiNi ME

I know im late but i had my daughter im so happy.. Her name is Khalilah Michelle Godfrey. She was born May 1 and was 8lbs and 2 oz. Thats my love right there and glad she finally here. She look just like her daddy and my mommy well duh i was mad at them the most during this pregency so of course she going to look like them.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Doctor Office

Well today im getting ready to go to da doctor so they can check my cervix ugh i hate dat part. I hate going to da doctor anyway because they take so long to call my name to go in the back. I mean i know she got other patients but damn it shouldnt take 30 mins to have my name called smh. Wish me luck

Friday, April 17, 2009


Well i just joined this site because alot of people said they was hooked to it.. i really dont like sharing my inner thoughts and feelings to people but i guess ill give it a try..I love to write so it wont be to hard writing about my life

38 Weeks

So yeah im pregnant and having a girl. Im naming her Khalilah[Kha-lee-la] Kristen Godfrey.I cant wait til have her cause it seem like i been pregnant forever and now she wants to act shy and stay in my stomach smh. I kind of forgot how it is not being pregnant like i think i might miss being pregnant even though i was mad i couldnt sleep on my stomach ugh. I really didnt have a bad pregnancy and im happy about dat part..No throwing up or back pains..The only thing dat hurt was her damn kicking smh..But i just cant wait im so excited :)