Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Doctor Office

Well today im getting ready to go to da doctor so they can check my cervix ugh i hate dat part. I hate going to da doctor anyway because they take so long to call my name to go in the back. I mean i know she got other patients but damn it shouldnt take 30 mins to have my name called smh. Wish me luck

Friday, April 17, 2009


Well i just joined this site because alot of people said they was hooked to it.. i really dont like sharing my inner thoughts and feelings to people but i guess ill give it a try..I love to write so it wont be to hard writing about my life

38 Weeks

So yeah im pregnant and having a girl. Im naming her Khalilah[Kha-lee-la] Kristen Godfrey.I cant wait til have her cause it seem like i been pregnant forever and now she wants to act shy and stay in my stomach smh. I kind of forgot how it is not being pregnant like i think i might miss being pregnant even though i was mad i couldnt sleep on my stomach ugh. I really didnt have a bad pregnancy and im happy about dat part..No throwing up or back pains..The only thing dat hurt was her damn kicking smh..But i just cant wait im so excited :)