Sunday, July 26, 2009


Sometimes I seat in my room and really just think about my life. I been through alot and I cant get past it. I been hurt by my family,friends & my boyfriend. My mom and my boyfriend probably hurted me the most in my life. My mom never tells me she loves me and sometimes I say to myself, "what did I do to you." I know my real dad left us when I was a baby but she still doesn't have to treat me like Im nothing. I use to be jealous how she treated my half brother because it seem like he gets everything he wanted in life. I sometimes use to cry and listening to my music at night to not think about. Now my boyfriend, I been though alot with him, things some people wouldnt go through with there boyfriend. He lied,cheated,left me for another girl and then came back,talk to me any kind of way and everything you can possible think of. The day he change is when i went off on him. Since then we been happy and I just hope I stay this way for a long time. I have my own family now and the things i learned in life and saw, i will never do that to them. Im just scared i would let them down


I been on here since april and I never did a introduction haha

Shalona.19.Reside in Va but wants to move to florida.I have a daughter and a boyfriend.My mom doesn't like my boyfriend [i dont know why so oh well]. Oh yeah im with my baby daddy [some people thought we wasnt going to last]. I love r&b and dancing. I dont have alot of friends because I have trust issues that I need to work on but I do have a couple that are real. I love drizzy drake and his music. I was a fan when he was on degrassi. I wanted to go to college when I graduated [08] but I got pregnant during the summer so imma try again. Im jobless, nobody is hiring so blah. I do have a bitchy attitude but I try to be nice so people won't see that side.